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New Article! "Navigation" 

Hi, Here's a new article called "Navigation." It's a bit longer  than a "typical" blog post, talking about the ideas of walking, thinking, driving and finding your way, both metaphorically and in reality. There are also some hard-earned insights on "navigating" a career, which I'll continue to discuss.


Today on my walk, I tried a new route: no route. Generally, I alternate from a collection of trips I have mapped out, at least on foot or in my memory, that take the usual amount of time. Each day…

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Welcome to my updated site! This is where I'll share ideas about teaching and playing jazz through the philosophy of "No rules, no fear," as well as any other deep thoughts I feel like sharing. Feel free to chat back!


When I talk to my fellow music educators, I ask the following questions:


  • What rules about jazz are you looking for permission to break?
  • What rules must we keep for it to still be considered jazz?
  • What is your biggest fear about teaching jazz?
  • What is your biggest fear
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What does "No Rules, No Fear Jazz" Really Mean? Pt. 1. Powerful Words 

What Does “No Rules, No Fear Jazz” Really Mean?

“Part 1. Powerful Words”

By Tom Kamp

Copyright © 2019

All rights reserved


When you think about teaching jazz improvisation to your students, your mind may be filled with lots of Very Important Rules like these:



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