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Read All About It! 

My book, "Rhythm First!" got a mention in the new books section in the latest issue of the International Musician.  Check it out here!


Or go to the publisher HERE!

Zeswitz Symposium! 

Thanks to Bret, Randy, the Toms and everyone who worked so hard to make the 4th Annual Zeswitz Symposium a great Professional Development opportunity for music educators in Pennsylvania!

I gave my "No Rules, No Fear Jazz" talk to an appreciative and cooperative group of teachers who stayed inside on a beautiful June Saturday.

Here's what they came up with when we talked about our four big questions:

What rules about jazz are you looking for permission to break?

I don’t have rules.

There are rules in jazz?…

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The Number One Fear about teaching Improvisation? Improvisation! 

When I do a workshop or talk to another music teacher, I often ask, “What is your biggest fear about teaching jazz?” The number one answer I get is “Improvisation.” Here’s the way a few people put it at a recent workshop I gave:

  • My biggest fear about teaching jazz? Improv.

  • Teaching beginning improvisation

  • Student fear

  • Getting kids to feel comfortable with improvising

  • Not being able to help students (and myself) personify the music (Ed.…

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